Product Design

BrightRoll DSP

As Director of UX, I joined BrightRoll to build their user experience team from scratch. The first major product area we worked on was a project to redesign BrightRoll's demand side exchange console. BrightRoll's DSP was a management platform for campaign managers to provision and run video advertising campaigns. The team started with a very small cross functional group of product managers, engineers, and UX Designers including myself as a contributor. Our team worked in a very iterative agile development, lean UX method.

We were extremely fortunate to have a large internal team of Campaign Managers and AdOps to shadow for discovering user pain points and validate design ideas.

We were able to ship an initial release in well under a year, and we continued to rapidly develop the platform until the eventual acquisition of BrightRoll by Yahoo. Our platform was combined with Yahoo's and due to BrightRoll's stellar brand recognition in ad tech, Yahoo maintained the BrightRoll brand as we combined platforms at Yahoo.