Product Design

vSphere Web Client

vSphere is VMware's flagship product platform and is an industry standard for armies or IT professionals that manage data-centers. I joined the team at VMware to contribute to efforts of porting their legacy flash/flex web client over into a modern html/js web client.

As lead designer, I joined as the first design engagement on the project. Partnering with Pivotal Labs, we leveraged user-centered design and lean UX principles to discover what features customers needed most in order for them to to start using the new web client. This greatly helped our team prioritize features and flows.

During this effort we also validated areas of the product experience that were so bad, a complete redesign was in order.


The legacy flex/flash client was slow, untrustworthy, and over complicated

VMware's Clarity Design System


As an early adopter, we leveraged the Clarity Design System to offer a cleaner experience.